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ECommerce Service

eCommerce Business Planning

a. Business Planning
b. Hosting Research
c. Programming Solution
d. Software Solution
e. Hardware Solution
f. Payment Method Planning
g. Shipping Service Solution
h. Website Design Planning
i. Business Operation Planning
j. Internet Marketing

eCommerce Business Programming

a. Programming Language Solution
b. Database Solution
c. Shopping Cart Solution
d. Web Analytic Software
e. User Interface Planning
f. Web Development Company
g. Payment Integration
h. Shipping Integration
i. Inventory and Product Module
j. Content Management System

eCommerce Business Development

a. Internet Marketing Strategy
b. Website Optimization Analysis
c. User Interface Analysis
d. Business Development Solution
e. Operation Optimization
f. Sales Increase Strategy

eCommerce Business Marketing

a. Search Engine Optimization
b. Search Engine Marketing/ Pay Per Click Marketing
c. Contextual Marketing
d. Affiliate Marketing
e. Email Marketing
f. Social Networking Marketing

eCommerce Global Management

a. Operation Outsourcing
b. Purchasing Product Outsourcing
c. Global Marketing Strategy
d. Global Sales Strategy
e. Global Business Operation

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